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Tauri Sector is a grand strategy game set in the ruins of a fallen galactic empire. The game is played in full screen with an interface that allows direct interaction with the game objects.

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The game is in a somewhat early stage, so everything in the game, from features to technology stats, and even graphics is subject to change as the game evolves.

You start the game in a random developed planet, your home world. From there you must colonize other planets, capture rebel colonies and build fleets to defend your territory.

You must balance territorial expansion, planetary development, research and military production to be ready for what may come.

Other players may turn to be steadfast allies or treacherous enemies. Cultivate your diplomatic relationships carefully or wage war fearsomely yourself.

Defeat is not the end. If you are overcome, you can forge new alliances and bid your time until an opportunity for rebellion presents itself.

Or join the Galactic Senate and cast your vote to make the game evolve in the direction you desire. The possibilities are limitless.

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